My name is Harold Cox and I’m the owner of Clearviews Window Washing and Cleaning Services, LLC based in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

My wife, Donna, our daughter Stacy, and I have been living in the Shoals area since 1990. Many of you may remember me as the Executive Director of The YMCA of the Shoals from 1990 – 2002.

Our daughter Stacy had our first grandchild (grandson) in fall of 2006, so after a 26 year career as a YMCA professional living in five different states I decided to leave YMCA work, and the relocation that would go with it, to begin a second career here in the Shoals area so that Donna and I could enjoy being grandparents.

Upon researching several business opportunities I chose to get involved in the residential window washing business. I felt that homeowners and businesses who needed their windows cleaned were looking for professional, trustworthy, customer oriented window cleaners who believe in doing quality work.

About us

So Clearviews Window Washing and Cleaning Services, LLC was born in March 2007 with a commitment to provide a professional top quality window cleaning experience with outstanding customer service and guaranteed satisfaction.

Much has changed since March of 2007, we have a second grandchild, a granddaughter, and the business has evolved. Now, in addition to window cleaning services I offer pressure washing, house washing, gutter whitening and a variety of other exterior cleaning services.

Even though services have grown, providing a professional top quality cleaning experience with guaranteed satisfaction continues to be the essence of my business. Therefore, I am on the job, performing the work myself, applying the best practices and cleaning techniques used in the window cleaning and pressure cleaning industries and I utilize commercial quality equipment with appropriate cleaning solutions that provide quality results.

My business provides me the opportunity to make a small difference in peoples’ life’s by helping them maintain and improve the appearance of the properties where they live and work…and that gives me tremendous satisfaction.

Please give me a call to discuss your cleaning needs…I would look forward to the opportunity to make you a satisfied customer.

Why Choose Clearviews Window Washing and Cleaning Services LLC

Clearviews Window Washing and Cleaning Services LLC is a locally owned & operated, licensed & insured company providing professional window cleaning and pressure washing services to the greater Shoals area.

The company is built on a commitment to provide professional services with quality results and outstanding customer service. Great pride and care is taken in providing customers with a honest, trustworthy, reliable service that exceeds their expectations.

Clearviews Window Washing and Cleaning Services has been serving the Shoals Area 10+ years.  These years of hands on experience provides a knowledge of the appropriate applications, techniques and equipment needed to safely respond to the cleaning methods and specific challenges to each job and individual property.

Your intentions are good and you see what needs to be done – but you do not have the time, the energy, the equipment nor maybe the knowledge to tackle and accomplish those cleaning projects that will give you a peace of mind and happiness.

Call today for a free estimate. See how Clearviews Window Washing and Cleaning Services can help you clean, restore or maintain the appearance, the curb appeal or the structural integrity of your home or business.