Pressure Washing / Soft Washing

Your home or business is one of your largest investments and you want to make sure you maintain an attractive clean appearance, a pleasing curb appeal and structural integrity.

Pressure Cleaning | ClearViewsOnline

Washing your home or office not only brightens the appearance it also helps eliminate:

the contaminates that can rot, age and prematurely age the exterior surfaces

the dust, mold, mildew and alga that can provide serous health and safety risks

Clearviews Window Washing and Cleaning Services understands the importance of maintaining your property and investment. Therefore only the best practices and cleaning methods used in the pressure cleaning industry will be applied during the cleaning process to achieve quality results.


Our Successful Approach Utilizes:

  • Commercial quality low pressure washing equipment and professional techniques

  • Appropriate chemicals and solutions that will effectively kill and remove contaminates without harming the structures surfaces

  • Solutions and chemicals that are friendly to the environment

  • Extra steps to protect and ensure that other personal property and landscaping is not damaged

When hiring someone to wash the exterior of your home or office there are some important considerations:

Do they utilize commercial quality equipment that allows them to safely and effectively clean the surface in a timely manner?

What is the method that will be used to clean the surface – remember high pressure blasting to remove contaminates can cause damage to certain surfaces.

Are they knowledgeable about the process of low pressure/chemical cleaning and do they have experience in successfully cleaning the specific surface to be cleaned?

What solutions and chemicals will be used and are they friendly to the environment?

What steps will be taken to protect your landscaping from being disturbed or destroyed?

Are they licensed and fully insured? Should an accident occur are you and your property protected – ask for proof of insurance.