Window Cleaning

Windows play an important role in the curb appeal of a home or business. They may be one of the first things a homeowner sees when looking at their property and one of the items most noticed when people walk or drive by a business.

Clean windows can provide a sparkling appearance, pride in one’s property and the ability to clearly the environment around you. Dirty windows can cause you stress due to how they look and they can provide a negative impression to neighbors, visitors and customers.


Answers to the most commonly asked questions:

  • Yes – all shapes, sizes and styles of windows and doors can be cleaned up to 3 stories high

  • Yes – service options can include cleaning all windows and doors inside and out, outside only or inside only

  • Yes – both traditional window cleaning techniques (interior) along with the use of the water fed pole pure water cleaning system (exterior) can be utilized to provide a long lasting shine.

  • Yes – frames, tracks and sills will be wiped down and cleaned as part of the cleaning process

  • Yes – a final inspection will insure that windows are left free of streaks, smears or smudges

  • Yes – screens and screen frames will be cleaned

  • Yes – old and damaged screens can be repaired or replaced

  • Yes – total satisfaction is guaranteed

  • Yes – the business is licensed and insured

  • Yes – the owner of the company is on site and performs the work

  • Yes – monthly, bi monthly, quarterly semi-annually or any other time related frequency can be arranged

  • Yes – residential and commercial services are available

A Total Window Cleaning Process

Applying the best practices, technologies and cleaning techniques used in the industry. Methods utilize commercial quality equipment and appropriate window cleaning solutions that provide long lasting quality results. Click on each of our methods below to learn more:

  • Traditional Window Cleaning

    consists of thoroughly wetting the window with a concentrated soap solution in combination with a micro-fiber applicator then squeegeeing the surface dirt off and toweling dry around the edges where water collects.

  • Water Fed Pole Pure Water Cleaning System

    is the latest technology in the window cleaning industry allowing for windows to be thoroughly cleaned safely from the ground. The system involves the use of telescopic poles, soft bristled brushes and chemically processed pure water (over 99.9% pure H2o). Pure water is one of the most aggressive cleaning agents available and it is safe for all surfaces. Pure water cleaning makes future dirt contamination a much slower process and provides amazing spot free results, no residue, no static cling just sparkling clean windows that will shine like never before.

  • Window Frame, Sill and Track Cleaning

    is included as part of the normal window cleaning service. As the exterior window panes are cleaned the exterior frames and sills are scrubbed and rinsed. If the window cleaning service includes cleaning of the interior panes the windows are opened and the tracks and sills are wiped down and/or brushed out. Note: Some sills & tracks that are excessively dirty and have been neglected may be subject to an additional service charge.